Corporate Culture


Corporate Culture
Wanji treats the staff as the valuable wealth of the company, cares, respects, understands, trusts and develops the staff, exerts the teamwork cohesion, strives together for common goal. Customers and Suppliers are our partners. Protecting business confidential information, staying with our partners equally, we understand and support firmly each other. Wanji pursues active company culture, takes care of staff’s skill improvement and health status by providing many trainings, annual free-charge physical examination, outdoor group travelling, periodical regards in staff’s dormitory and staff sodality before Spring Festival Holiday etc..Customers and Suppliers are our partners. Protecting confidential business information, staying with our partners equally, we understand and support each other firmly.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Wanji continuously fulfills the social responsibilities and makes contributions to the local economy growth and social development.

 Employee Rights and Benefits

Employee is the root of company’s development. Wanji takes employee’s rights and interests as the priority of company’s CSR. We have revised the Employee Manual and published Salary Standard & Promotion Rule to protect employee’s development.

 Environment Protection

Wanji pays high attention to the environment protection and sustainable development by energy saving, ejection decreasing and pollution restriction.

 Business Ethics

Honesty and trustworthiness are the norms of our behavior during the whole process cooperating with our partners, suppliers and customers. Meanwhile, we keep business secrets confidential carefully and execute it in our words and actions.

 Commonweal Utility

Wanji keeps on supporting the charity public utility and responds to the vocation of local government actively.